Council for Media and Satellite Broadcasting (CMSB) which has been working along For the welfare and upliftment of Print & Electronic Media personnel’s of India and Provides them with a platform to honour their remarkable worthiness. For the same,CMSB has emerging and leading Media organization in India with it mission to create awareness of Media person’s welfares and their rights and also human rights awareness with social initiatives, it has take the CMSB time to constitute this Council as we tried not only to follow the requirements of the law but to have participation of Stakeholders within the Media Industry.

CMSB listens to the concerns and aspirations of people as well as stakeholders. We took it as a policy take all on Board in the formulation of programme and activities Aimed at improving the Media environment in the country. We may differ from one Point to another but desire is to take every concern into consideration.

All Media houses along with Radio stations, News agencies and Media Institutes nationally enabled us to interact with a wide range of Media employees as well as the local management to know greater insights of their challenges, improve Media environment across national and having platform to integrate print & electronic media for social welfare.

We encourage & appreciate companies who have taken strong steps to support in various social causes through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), We, Council for Media and Satellite Broadcasting (CMSB) invites companies to join hands in the initiative we have undertaken, as well as the issue we must address to bring positive changes for the growth and sustenance of the Media persons welfares and to support issues related to human rights in our country.



  1. To Promote and co-ordinate study and research in the field of right to media/ Journalism in all over India & International level.
  2. To catalyse, support and strengthen Right to Media service in the country.
  3. To work towards creating positive and supportive climate and conditions for the growth and sustenance of the Right to Media work in the country.
  4. To promote widespread appreciation of the Right to Media and grass-root of Right to Media organization in the country.
  5. To conduct advanced study and research in the field of right to media\journalism and to acquaint the working media persons\Journalists with the latest technology in printing and electronic media and the latest trends in the world of media persons\Journalism.
  6. To inform, educate and make Media Person’s people aware of the relevance and contribution of Right to Media organization in the country.
  7. To provide a common platform for those involved in, and concerned with Right to Media work in the country.
  8. To organize training courses for media persons in newspaper photography, photo journalism, page makeup, Cartooning and illustrative drawings along with workshops after getting permission from the concern authority.
  9. To sponsor media persons\journalists to participate as delegates in Seminars, workshops, symposia, training programmers etc., organized at State, National and International levels.
  10. To co-operate with other institutions in any part of the world having objectives wholly or partly similar to those of the Academy in such manner as may be conductive to their common objectives.
  11. To create educational opportunities for those involved in and committed to work of Right to Media organization to further strengthen their work.
  12. To study, analyze and disseminate policies, programmers and legislation affecting Media work and organizations in the country.
  13. To create a mechanism for advocacy, legal aid and information services on common causes and issues affecting Right to Media organization in the country.
  14. To engage in dialogue with the government on issues and concern of Right to Media organization whenever the need arises.
  15. To investigate, study, document, print, publish, store and disseminate information on issues relevant to the concerns of those engaged in the Media voluntary service in they country.
  16. To promote better appreciation and coverage of Right to Media work, its relevance and contribution in the country through the media.
  17. To undertake such other activities which are relevant to fulfill the objectives of the Academy?
  18. To promote and enhance the level of education among the citizen of India.
  19. To collaborate with universities, colleges, NGOs of INDIA and ABROAD directly and indirectly to achieve the objectives of this trust.
  20. To open offices in any part of India.
  21. To undertake, organize, conduct and facilitate courses, conferences, lectures, research and media education.
  22. To aid or establish any institution/academy for a charitable cause.
  23. To construct, maintain, alter, improve or develop any building belonging to the trust or works necessary or convenient for purpose of the trust.
  24. To arrange / establish and maintain centers of adult education, vocational education technical training, and low cost education, formal & non-formal education.
  25. To grant educational scholarships to needy & poor women & children.
  26. To promote, encourage and facilitate research programmers and trainings in the field of media world.
  27. To publish books, magazines, charts, issue related IEC (Information, Education and Communication) materials and other periodical illustration for generating the income for the trust for the benefit of its aims.
  28. To open own television channel, Internet news channel, e-newspaper, magazine & newspapers after getting approval from the governing bodies.
  29. To establish, build or manage Hostels, Short stay Homes, Rehabilitation Centers, Shelters, Child Care Centre or Children’s Home, Counseling Centers and Help Line Centers for Women, Children and needy persons after getting appropriate permission.
  30. To work for welfare, support and resettlement of Media Person’s and their families.
  31. To establish and run schools, colleges, and library’s, hospitals for the benefit of the public after getting appropriate permission form the concern authority.
  32. To collect & preserve manuscript, painting, sculptures works of arts, natural history epicenes, mechanical & scientific instruments and design.
  33. To build a proposed Medical College and Hospital in every district within the Country and abroad after getting appropriate permission form the concern authority.
  34. The trust will provide Research facilities for the patients of Aids, Thalesmia, Cancer which will be under the heads of different Specialists from within the Country and abroad.
  35. To build an old age home, widow home, Orphanage home and also a home for the poor and helpless females who have no shelter. These helpless female will also be imparted technical education and training so that they can earn their livelihood independently and dignity.
  36. To take-up, initiate or assist social development activities or welfare programmers for bringing positive change in the lives of the common people.
  37. To protect human rights.
  38. To promote better relations between public.
  39. To facilitate Constitution of India.
  40. To facilitate Media Law & National Security.
  41. To promote, aid help, encourage, develop, protect and secure the interests of the Media Industry and other related entities.
  42. Support full enforcement of universally recognized human rights, including women rights, social rights of the people and equal rights for the minorities and the indigenous peoples.
  43. Struggle for freedom of media, freedom of and access to information, including the removal of all barriers in the way of free flow of information and unhindered movement of media-persons and media-products across the country.
  44. Develop high professional standards, professional collaboration and independence of a COUNCIL FOR MEDIA AND SATELLITE BROADCASTING all biases and prejudices while monitoring all violations of freedom of and access to information.
  45. Benefit the people and the region with the fruits of information revolution by promoting interactive and collaborative media products, including web-sites, documentaries, TV/radio productions and magazines.
  46. Engage all media-persons who believe in the freedom of media and agree to promote the objectives (mentioned above).
  47. Establish broad-based chapters of COUNCIL FOR MEDIA AND SATELLITE BROADCASTING across the countries and develop networking among the various branches of media.
  48. Plan and work for the freedom of media and all forms of expression and freedom of and access to information in each country with the consent of the concerning authority.
  49. Monitor the violations of the freedom of media and free flow of and access to information.
  50. Develop modules of training and hold workshops for media-persons.
  51. Work out concrete ways to promote professional collaboration in various media fields.
  52. Promote, as far as possible, healthy, informative, educative, objective and constructive journalism, broadcasting and electronic communications.
  53. Bring media professionals together in various ways and at different forums to develop a better understanding of all pressing issues in the region.
  54. To organize various kind of welfare programs/activities.
  55. To promote public awareness of the council through publication of its activities and operations.
  56. To conduct research relevant to the media, provide independent consultancy services to publishers, broadcasters, organizations in the interest of developing an independent and effective media.
  57. To promote, aid, help, encourage, develop, protect and secure the interests of the Indian television Industry and other related entities.
  58. To give all information on matter affecting the distribution, exhibition, production and broadcasting of serials/programmes in India or Abroad after getting permission from appropriate authority.
  59. To collect and furnish information about all matters relating to distribution, exhibition, production and broadcasting of serials/programmes and in particular statistics of all kinds.
  60. To institute awards, scholarships or take any other similar measures for recognition or furtherance of research and studies in the television industry.
  61. To establish and promote better understanding and relations between the television industry, the Government, the Public and the other interested bodies.
  62. To work towards creation of new structures and contexts in India for the design, production and dissemination of public service broadcast materials conforming to the best international standards and to undertake other activities which will be of service to the community and of general public utility.
  63. To establish and carry on the administration and management of the council for media and satellite broadcasting.
  64. To provide guidelines and to help regulate the nature and content of public service communication, wherever necessary, appropriate or required.
  65. All The National and International Press Representative , reporter , Journalist, Correspondent, Camera men , Editor, Bureau chief will be provided with proper National Press card & Vehicle Stickers , etc.
  66. To promote, aid, help, encourage, develop, protect and secure the interests of the Indian Press and Media, Indian television, Indian Film Industry and other related entities.




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