Seasons greetings to all & wish you a very Happy Ganesha Chathurthi, We are proud to announce the 4th CMSB Annual General Meeting scheduled be held at Bangalore on 3rd September 2017, I take the honor & privilege in inviting each one of you to participate in this event & enhance the journey of CMSB to march ahead to a brighter & better future.

Its each one of your dedication, contribution, strategic thinking & time that has made CMSB reach the place where it has reached today, I must mention the leadership of Central Committee which played a major role in achieving this success & worked tirelessly in all aspects as well along with entire team from various states.

The agenda for the Annual General Meeting are:

• Launching CMSB News Network
• Amendment to existing policies
• Formation of action committee state-wise
• CMSB 4th National Award 2017
• Progress & achievement from office bearers from various states for 2016-17
• Yearly report, achievement & presentation by state wise presidents & board members along with feedback & suggestions
• Membership initiative action plan & road map
• Roles & responsibilities of office bearers
• Accountability & reporting of office bearers to the Central Committee
• Discuss & prepare events calendar for 2017-18
• Road map for 2017-18 by office bearers
• Road map for 2017-18 by Central Committee

I appeal to all esteemed members from Karnataka & all other States to participate in this event and contribute your valuable suggestions & experience for the betterment of CMSB which is striving sincerely in media fraternity to achieve excellence & support media professionals.

Thanks & Regards MK JAIN All India General Secretary Council for Media and Satellite Broadcasting (CMSB) Call: 9844087110 Email:


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